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HONG KONG DAY 2 - Victoria Peak

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May 2, 2011.  Our hotel, the Harbour Grand Kowloon, was a marvel of architecture.


It had glass towers everywhere, and a fountain in the lobby. From most of its windows we could glimpse the wonderful Victoria Harbour.



The best feature was a rooftop swimming pool, overlooking the Harbour. We felt we were on top of the world, and Paddy thinks it could not get better than this.




Victoria Peak was our next destination. With an altitude of 1,811 feet it's the highest mountain in the island. We got up there in a tram, like riding on a narrow gauge train. The area has a very high residential value, since the views are amazing.



Looking at the above photographs it is easy to understand the astronomical prices in this location.



The summit is occupied by a radio communications facility closed to the public. However, the surrounding area of public parks and high value residential land, is the area normally referred to as The Peak. It is a major tourist attraction, and even children go up there, since there are playgrounds where that can go with their families.




The fishing village of Aberdeen, was our next stop. We  boarded a sampan for a tour of the harbour. There was a lot of small boat traffic, and the buildings  surrounding us were incredible.



There was a floating restaurant with great Chinese decorations.





The Victoria Harbour is one of the busiest ports in the world. The small fishing boats from the Aberdeen village, try desperately to eke a living out of the water in the harbour. Not only do they fish, the primary industry of the area, but also pilot sightseeing boats filled with tourists, also an industry.



On the way back to the hotel, we saw some wonderful beaches where the locals go to relax, among the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.



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