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HONG KONG DAY 1 - Victoria Harbor

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May 1, 2011.  We arrived to the humongous airport in Hong Kong on Mayday, and were taken to our hotel in Kowloon, overlooking the Victoria Harbour, a natural landform situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.



There are numerous skyscrapers that dwarf the ones in Manhattan. Among the tall buildings there is a garden, the Salisbury.




The previous photographs are of the downtown Hong Kong night views. There is a proliferation of electric signs everywhere. The last photo shows the Harbour Grand Kowloon, which was our magnificent hotel.



A fountain was outside the entrance to our hotel; while we strolled through the area, we came across the Clock Tower. It's the only remain of the former Kowloon RR station. It rises 44 meters near Victoria Harbour, and it was declared a national monument in 1990.  The last picture shows the boat where we had a sunset dinner cruise in the Victoria Harbour.



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