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SHANGHAI - The  Bund

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April 30, 2011.  We arrived in Shanghai on the evening of April 30, and after checking into the hotel went out to walk in the neighborhood.


Because it was evening, most of the shopkeepers were straightening up after a day's work, cleaning the fish and arranging the produce and other wares for sale. It wasn't a very pretty sight, the neighborhood was kind of unsavory, but soon we were in the Bund, a wonderful waterfront boulevard.




It was our first look at the waterfront. The buildings seemed to glow in the dark, with myriad spots of light around and in them. The architecture was incredible, a mixture of super modern and classic structures. The night views across the water were amazing. The illumination of the buildings is awesome, and every few seconds the lights change bringing us different ads for diverse products and venues.



The following morning we visited the Yuyuan Gardens. They were established in 1559 as  private gardens created by Pan En for his father, who was a high ranking official in the Ming Dynasty.



The details in the roof lines were very interesting. There were representations of warriors fighting dragons and other mythical monsters.



The buildings were typically Chinese, especially in the roof designs.



We were able to take a peak inside some of the rooms and admire the ornate furniture.




The Yu Yuan Gardens have many interesting rock formations interspersed throughout with colorful fish swimming in the ponds.



Not only are the buildings very interesting, but just about everywhere there are architectural details of a mixture of geometric and whimsical elements in serene combinations




The following morning we saw The Bund in daylight.  The buildings were just as impressive. The esplanade along the waterfront is heavily used by tourists and residents alike. The Chinese practice Tai Chi and Qigong right on the streets. They take the practice very seriously, and people of all ages practice with or without a teacher.



In The Bund there are allegoric sculptures, such as this Freedom Fighter.



After looking at some more buildings, Paddy stands in the waterfront, with a background, across the water, of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong, another area of the city.



As a last stop in Shanghai, we visited a silk factory. The weavers were vey skilled, and Pat saw some carpets that she wanted to buy for her daughter. So she called her using her            I-phone, took  pictures of various ones she liked, and her daughter chose the one she liked best. Technology is amazing!


Thus ended another stage of our Chinese adventure.  Tomorrow, Hong Kong!





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