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YANGTZE - Cruise Day 3

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April 29, 2011. Today we visited the famous Three Gorges Dam Site.  We disembarked and took a bus to the main site.


The bad weather prevented us from taking clear pictures. It was very foggy, and security around the dam did not facilitate the photographic process. The police are very disciplined and it's almost impossible to venture close to the edges of the dam.


There was a very high look out point, just on top of the dam, and from there I could take some spectacular shots. Close-up we could see some very colorful plantings. The fog did not allow for any kind of shots over the water intakes.



Here is a view of the dam locks, with two large ships inside one of them. A ship elevator, in itself an engineering wonder, is being built, and the passage through the locks will be reserved for the larger ships. The time needed  by small ships to traverse the locks  will be reduced by many hours by the elevator.



There was a model room, with scaled down models and photographs of the dam workings and its future look. The dam construction is expected to continue through 2012. It has always been a controversial project, because it flooded archeological and cultural sites and displaced some 1.3 million people.


After lunch we said good bye to our ship and went to the airport to fly to Shanghai, where we would check into the Westin Hotel, another 5 star accommodation.




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