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YANGTZE - Cruise Day 2

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April 28, 2011.  Today we started our passage through The Three Gorges.


A gorge is a deep, narrow passage with steep, rocky sides. Here we can see a town from one of the gorges, as well as an island within the area, with a lighthouse on its edge.



There are houses and buildings on the steep sides of the gorge, and we could see them from the top deck of the Victoria Ana.



After lunch we transferred to a smaller boat, and after about an hour's ride, we boarded a   sampan, a typical Chinese small boat, that took us on a very long, serene ride on the Yangtze.



Paddy stands by the dry rocks, visible due to the low water level. Normally the water is as high as the level of the tree line.




It was a very relaxing ride, and we enjoyed it tremendously. The boatmen were funny and allowed the passengers to try on their ponchos and hats. Pat got dressed in them. We went by caves where people used to live. Because the water level was so low, we saw stalagmites, normally covered by the water, especially in the summer.




We continued our leisurely ride encountering a bit of traffic in the gorges, even a convoy of sampans and small boats. We boarded the small boat that would take us back to the Victoria Ana. We were rewarded by a last view in the evening light.




Once more the talented crew entertained us by singing while attired in beautiful costumes and by playing ancient Chinese musical instruments.


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