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XI' AN 2 - Wall & fortifications - Embark

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April 26, 2011.  Today we visited the South Gate of the wall that surrounds Xi'An. The wall was used for defense in the past.



 Nowadays it's a popular tourist attraction. A bus depot lies within its confines.



Here we can see how wide it is. There is even a pagoda on it. Chinese sanitation workers keep it clean. Troops of soldiers dressed in ancient uniforms march on it, and the Two Pats also stand on the wall.


On the outside there are very beautiful gardens and parks.




On the way to the airport to catch a plane to Chongking, we saw very modern buildings along the highway, as well as some more of what appeared to be nuclear reactors.



We went to the zoo to see the famous Panda Bears. The zoo entrance is decorated with wonderful trees and flowers. At the main gate there are life size representations of jungle animals.



We got to take a look at a Panda Bear, a member of the endangered species. He was sitting up, eating bamboo shoots, and playing with his food. Very slothful.



After we ate dinner at the hotel, we went to the Yang Tze River, where our ship, the Victoria Ana, was waiting for us. On the way to the ship we passed some more very modern looking buildings. They told us that on the inside they are not completed, because they only finish them as people move in. So much for appearances!




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