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BEIJING DAY 5-Hutongs rickshaw tour

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April 24, 201. It  was Easter Sunday. A hutong is a Chinese neighborhood.


The rickshaws stood on line, so Pat and I got into the first one available. Here's a picture of our driver. He rode a bicycle which, in turn, pulled the rickshaw where we sat.  We went on a convoy, all over the hutongs.







The rickshaw convoy went in all directions.  The first thing we saw was a sports school, and a sign giving directions (in Chinese, of course).  Red was an ubiquitous color, because it's considered lucky in Chinese culture. The driver took us along different parts of the neighborhood; we went in front of numerous houses and shops, adorned with Chinese artifacts. There was a park by a lake, with boats available to rent by the river's edge. Many shops lined the riverside.



Our guide, Annie, knocked on the door of a house that we would visit. It was the home of an artist and his family. The rooms were arranged around a central courtyard, and it was a multi generational abode. Our hostess explained (in Chinese translated by Annie), that a grandfather lived in one of the rooms, not to be disturbed. She said that they hire a relative to cook, because they are all so busy.. There are daycare centers to mind the children while the parents are at work, but the schools are nor opened to the public




Finally we went to a Tea Ceremony. There was a hostess who used different vessels to prepare the tea. It was all very complicated, but at the end we were able to savor a delicious cup of tea.

Tomorrow we will be in Xi'An.





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