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Monday March  21,  2011.  After Pat returned to New Jersey, Kate & I stayed an extra week to visit my family and friends. I went over to stay with Silvia, my childhood best friend and the closest to me, almost like the sister I never had. Kate stayed with Graciela and her daughter Ines. Because it had been only 10 days  since the earthquake & tsunami in Japan, Silvia & I decided to visit the famous Japanese Garden, a beautiful & serene park not far from where she lives. It has lots of lakes, bridges, beautiful plants, waterfalls, and it is a peaceful oasis among downtown bustle.




Silvia & Paddy decided to grab a bite to eat at a nearby Italian restaurant with great service and good food. And back at Silvia's house, we were graced by the visit of Maria Julia Guardo Mangini, Paddy's 3rd grade teacher & her inspiration to become one. Throughout the years they have kept in touch. it was lovely seeing her again.


The experiences of this trip were priceless, especially because I was able to share them with Kate and Pat. Time stood still, and the intervening years fell by the wayside as we reconnected after all this time. It was a great adventure.


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