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Saturday March  19,  2011.  Finally the day came when we would go see the Perito Moreno glacier. We went by bus to the place where we would board another ferry that would take us close to the glacier. On the road we could glimpse the imposing ice wall, and as we got closer on the ferry, we could really see how imposing the sheer walls were. Both of us Pats stood in awe on the deck.




Once back in the port, we got off to walk on the "pasarelas" (walkways), built in the front of the glacier, from where we could see the most awesome spectacle I have ever seen, including a couple of thundering "breaks" (fracturas) which happen when big chunks of ice come lose from the sheer wall and plunge unto the water below. Walking along the wooden paths we were able to see the magnitude of the ice formations. There were people walking on the glacier with special shoes that grabbed the ice, but we demurred.



The following pictures how the sequence of a "break". Truly magnificent!





The Perito Moreno glacier is 3 miles wide, with an average height of 240 feet above the surface of the water of Lake Argentino. It has a total ice depth of 558 feet. Trekkers who walked on the surface compare it with what it must be like walking on the moon. Truly amazing! Tomorrow we fly back to Buenos Aires.



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