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Friday March  18,  2011. The Glaciers National Park, (Parque Nacional Los Glaciares), was an amazing place. We boarded a ferry, and its monitor showed us the itinerary we would follow around the awesome Lago Argentino. (Argentine Lake). Very soon the first ice floes appeared. As they got closer they were also bluer. Paddy froze as she watched them




The first glacier we saw was the Spegazzini, one of the most important ones and the highest, reaching a height of 135 meters (over 600 feet)



The majestic glacier meets the lake. with breathtaking ice cliffs. The ice wall meets the land on its side, and we can really see how wide the glacier is. Paddy has not thawed out yet, but goes on deck to watch the amazing spectacle and to see a similar ferry close by.




Back on terra firme, the Argentine flag presides over the park. We saw a typical area abode and a "high rise" in town. There was also the inevitable casino, ready to take the tourists' money, and of course the ubiquitous "parrilla" (BBQ) restaurant. We took advantage of it, and afterwards walked along the town looking to the glowing houses.



Our appetites were whetted in anticipation to tomorrow's expedition, which would take us by bus and boat to have a close encounter with the mother of all glaciers, the Perito Moreno.


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