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Tuesday March  15,  2011. On the first day on our own, Silvia and Richard took us for a tour of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires port, and surrounding areas, such as Palermo Park.


In Palermo Park, the equivalent of Central Park in NY, we saw lakes and flower gardens, as well as maintenance buildings for the park operation.



This is the esplanade where our restaurant was located, an establishment similar to the one pictured. Richard, Paddy, Pat and Silvia enjoy lunch, and on the river, a lonely boatman floats by.



This is an old frigate which was used to train navy cadets. It is now used as a museum.  The next photo shows a sign for the bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava as homage to woman. And then the bridge itself, a marvel of engineering, which turns on a concrete pylon to allow the passage of boats.



Puerto Madero is a working port, as evidenced by the cranes photographed here. There are some futuristic constructions as well.



We went by the Teatro Colon, which is the equivalent of the Metropolitan Opera House, named after Christopher Columbus  (Cristobal Colon in Spanish), whose monument we see on the second photo. Nearby there is a column with an angel on top, and in the background we see a spire belonging to the church of Nuestra Seņora del Pilar, a very old and famous church in Buenos Aires. The next picture is of the Nereids Fountain. (Sea goddesses), designed by Lola Mora in 1903, and the last one is a detail of the Nereids Fountain.


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