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Monday March  14,  2011.  The ship anchored in Puerto Madero, the principal port of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Before we had left the USA, I had arranged for a guide to meet us on the ship to show us the zone called El Tigre, a very interesting suburb of Buenos Aires. Her name was Angeles Fernandez.


One of the first buildings in evidence was the Cathedral of San Isidro, which is next to Plaza Mitre, named after Bartolome Mitre, a president of Argentina, whose monument we saw.



El Tigre is a neighborhood that lies on the Parana River Delta, and it is an important tourist and weekend attraction. The town sits on an island created by several streams and rivers and was founded in 1820. Its name derives from the "tigers" or jaguars that were hunted there in its early years. It's still an important timber processing port, an also a fruit market by the riverside. Most houses can be only reached by boat, as in Venice, Italy.




This is the Art Museum of El Tigre. Like in Venice, boats enter through gates. When not in use they are kept in a "boat garage", and of course they need "boat service stations". The boats are "parked" in front of the houses, and sometimes the embarkation piers are almost under water. On the riversides there are commercial venues.



This is a hotel & restaurant for sailors & other patrons; a house called "Enigma"; another appropriately named "White House", and one that manages to stay on dry land.



A sign announces the house of Argentina's premier educator, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, father of free primary education. Argentina's literacy rate is over 98%. His summer home is preserved under glass.



People who live in El Tigre need convenience stores, floating ambulances, police, and public means of transportation.



There are many privately own homes, and they have learned to cope with the vagrancies of the rising tides. It's a way of life.



Back on terra firma, Kate & Angeles pose for a couple of snapshots, & so does Paddy.



Angeles also took us to see some parts of Buenos Aires, such as an area around Puerto Madero, the Pink House,(Government House), the famous Obelisco in the middle of the Avenida 9 de Julio (9th of July Ave), and the Puente de la Mujer, a bridge by Santiago Calatrava dedicated to Woman.


On the last night we spent on board, we were treated to a showcase of Argentine music as well as demonstrations of tango and folklore dances. We disembarked and said "goodbye' to our home for the last 2 weeks.


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