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Saturday March  12,  2011.  Today we arrived in Uruguay, a very small country across Buenos Aires on the La Plata river shores.


We anchored off-shore in PUNTA DEL ESTE, an up-scale popular resort town for both Argentines and Uruguayans. By the beach stands a sculpture titled "The Rapt of Europe". According to the legend, the bull is Zeus. Europe lies on its back & is transported to Crete. We also saw a statue of Jose de Artigas, the liberator of Uruguay.



Playa Brava, where the iconic "Dedos" (Fingers) sculpture is located. We could see the fingers jutting out of the sand, and by comparing their size with the people's, we realize how big they really are. Pat stands by the "thumb".



"Casa Pueblo" is the home and workshop of the famous artist Carlos Paez Vilaró. His paintings and sculptures are in display all over. Colors play a major role in his creations. His metal sculptures are unique in the materials used. He utilizes all kinds of objects to create whimsical displays.



Kate cannot resist fooling around with a humanoid figure. The house itself is a work of art in progress. It has taken 38 years to become what it is now, and it's not finished.



The house is built in different levels, with pools everywhere. The views are incredible, and most windows provide ocean panoramas.



Here we can appreciate the views and different construction styles.



Kate stands behind a mermaid motif bar. A public bar is well stocked, and if you re hungry you can eat as well.




There is a gift shop, where paintings & other art objects are for sale, together with books, (Carlos is a writer as well) and ceramics. Kate bought a painting, and Paez Vilaró was kind enough to autograph it. Kate poses with him for posterity. He wrote a poem in honor of "Woman".



We took a tour of the most expensive parts of the city. Security was minimal, & no fences enclosed the exclusive homes.



Beautifully manicured lawns surround the stately homes, and an old light house stands guard, together with the ruins of a manufacturing plant.



The next stop was La Barra, a hang-out for wealthy young people. The beaches are great, and there's a famous bridge, the Maldonado Curved bridge, connecting this well to do neighborhood with Punta Beach.



We went back to the port to catch a tender to the ship, and were given a show by sea lions and seals frolicking in the port waters. I snapped a last photo of a local license plate and we boarded our ship to go overnight to MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay's capital and a thriving metropolitan city.





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