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Friday March 11, 2011.  In the morning we arrived at RIO GRANDE DO SUL. The state of Rio Grande borders with Uruguay and Argentina. Its beaches stretch for over 125 miles, making them the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world



This is a very typical busy street. We saw a sign proclaiming the church of Our lady of Carmel. it was an imposing building, with very tall steeples.



The cathedral of St. Peter was built in 1775. It's very quaint and simple. Its main nave is long and narrow. In front of the cathedral there is an eucalyptus tree that has stood there since 1877. It's a favorite gathering spot.



We got to the center of town and spotted the monument erected to honor Rio Grande's foundation, Feb 19, 1737. We also went by a waterfront park with whimsical sculptures.



From the edge of the park we could see the fish market, which was closed because it was Carnival. We saw a cart that would normally be going to market. Kate found a Brazilian girl who wanted to practice her English with us. She was sweet. We saw an ornate building.



We went by a fish market (closed), by another building that appeared deserted, and finally by the Hotel Portugal, built in 1927. In a nearby park we found some really twisted trees. The 2 Pats posed next to one, and Kate did the same.



We passed in front of a "modern" appliance store, and in another town plaza we found a very pretty fountain. We then said goodbye to Brazil. Next stop: Punta del Este, in Uruguay.




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