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Wednesday, March 9, 2011. PORTO BELO means "Beautiful Port" in Portuguese. Some local dancers entertained us.



The most famous beach in this area is Bombinhas. There was an icon on the beach, and Kate actually went swimming, while I watched some people parasailing.



I snapped a veterinary sign for Merry. Kate recognized the gardens in the next picture. She had been there with Ines in one of her previous trips. She went swimming again while I stayed in the shade, and had the whole beach for herself.



 Porto Belo was not so belo, although there was a nice view across the bay. Brazilian beaches are very crowded. No matter how hot and humid the weather is, people flock to the sand and sea.



We had a very long walk on the pier in order to reach the tender. It finally took us to the ship, which was anchored off shore.


Tomorrow, Thursday March 10, we will cruise the Atlantic for our next stop, RIO GRANDE DO SUL. We will arrive on Friday, March 11.



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