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Tuesday March 8, 2011. 


This is the icon for ILHABELLA. We encountered the remains of the many floats that had taken their place on the previous night parades.



Kate gets into the spirit of things and clowns around on top of a float.



An outdoor restaurant offers light fare. There's the ever present church dedicated to Our Lady, and a typical government building.



As we walked along the beach admiring the ocean views and the boats, Kate spied another old cannon and decided to stand by it. The next stop was a plaza dedicated to metal sculptures of stylized conquerors, fish, sea creatures, and even Don Quixote.





 We decided to go to a nearby waterfall to cool off. It was cool in the shade by the water.



Kate decided to pose by the waterfall. It was to dangerous for me to go swimming, so I just stood there wishing I were 20 years younger.



At the exit there were various birdhouses, home to many varieties of birds. Exhausted we returned to the pier where the tender was waiting for us. On the way back to the ship, we were treated to a view of stormy skies and sailing boats.


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