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Monday March 7, 2011.  


Approaching PARATI  via tender, a church welcomes us, and an old canon protects the shore.



A typical Parati street, and a building with the usual means of transportation next to it; also an official structure and stables for the donkeys and horses being used.



A very nice balcony and others with Carnival decorations. It was raining, so we ducked into a nice cafe to have lunch. Kate and Pat enjoying the meal.



Whimsical cafe decor. Notice Oma's bag next to it. Kate enjoys the view from the window, and after lunch, stands on the cobblestone street. A stubborn donkey refuses to move.



Roads flooded where we had walked before. Hard to believe these are ordinary streets. Paddy and Kate lead a conga line over a low wall.



Parati says "good bye". Last look from the tender on the way to the ship.



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