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Sunday February 14, 2010.  We flew Continental Airlines from Newark to London Heathrow. We had a 10 + hour layover, so we decided to  explore London. Following are photos of the interior of Heathrow, where the 2 Pats spent some time.




We had decided to go to Windsor Castle, since it was close by. On the way there, Pat met a charming Londoner, Sheila McDonald, who said she was going to see the Queen, and invited us to come along. Sure enough, she took us to the back entrance of Windsor Castle, and after talking to the guards, she informed us that Her Majesty would be leaving in 10 minutes to attend a church service in a nearby village.  So we waited while the gates were opened, the Queen's car came into view, passed right in front of us, (we could've touch it), and continued on its journey.  We saw Queen Elizabeth II and snapped her picture.  What a thrill! We stood around a bit more, and then continued our exploration.





We invited Sheila to have breakfast with us.  We went to the Crooked House of Windsor, so called because it acquired a tilt after being restructured in 1718 with unseasoned green oak. There is a secret passage, now blocked, from its basement to Windsor Castle, reported to have been used by King Charles & his mistress, Nell Gwyn, & for taking provisions to the castle's kitchens.



We continued to walk around the Windsor neighborhood, seeing typical English buildings.



Because it was beginning to drizzle , we took a tour bus & went wherever it was going. We wound up in front of Guildhall, where Prince Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles were wed. Interestingly enough, the inside columns do not touch the ceiling, because the architect was told the outside columns were not enough to support it. So to prove a point, he built them but did not connect them to the roof.



Next stop was the Windsor Parish Church, AKA St. John the Baptist. Inside there's a painting of The Last Supper  by Francis de Cleyn, and a coat of arms with the motto: "My God and my right". There's also a Team Ministry outreach, and gardens. We finished the tour by seeing a Windsor neighborhood sign, a statue of Queen Victoria, and an advertisement  proclaiming the existence of St. George's School for boys & girls on the castle's grounds.




We returned to Heathrow, where we boarded Virgin Atlantic to Cape Town.  We traveled First Class, which gave us access to the VIP lounge, where we enjoyed complimentary food & drinks. Our seats in the plane were private cubbies, with a seat that converted into a bed, complete with p.j's, sheets, a duvet cover, pillow, etc. We dined on a 5-course dinner & had breakfast before arriving to Cape Town




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