October 7, 2009. On the way to visit friends in Milton, Ontario, Paddy and I got very hungry about the time we crossed into Canada.  It was late evening when we stopped for dinner at Niagara-on-the-lake.  We drove to the center of town and after turning toward Lake Ontario we found the Tiara Restaurant at Queens Landing.   The food was excellent.



After dinner we took our famous "mirror shot".  After the first photo a voice said:  "looks like you are really hard up for a photo, can I take your picture?".  We thanked the gentleman and explained our "mirror shot" routine and everyone had a good laugh.



After dinner we drove back to the center of town and found the well illuminated Prince of Wales Hotel.  Outside the hotel was a horse and carriage and the very pretty driver agreed to have photos taken.  (Great smile too !)




Next day, Thursday the 8th, Paddy and I returned to Niagara-on-the-Lake with Richard and Silvia.  Once again, food became the first priority and we found a parking spot right in front of the Shaw Cafe and Wine Bar, so we stopped in for lunch.  Great tasting food.



We took another photo opportunity at a flower garden in front of the restaurant, which is adjacent to the George Bernard Shaw statue.



We took a stroll down the main street toward the Prince of Wales Hotel and found more horse drawn carriages and pretty drivers.




We decided to investigate the Prince of Wales Hotel and it was very nice inside.




Richard found his namesake street sign as we walked to the park by Lake Ontario.



Back to the center of town we found many historic buildings, interesting restaurants and shops of all types to satisfy our window shopping needs.  We purchased a lithograph of the Prince of Wales Hotel, several souvenirs and a bottle of Ice Wine, which is an area specialty.




Great weather and a very interesting town.  Niagara-on-the-Lake provides the same comfortable feeling as one gets when visiting New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ.


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