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October 1, 2008.  Durnstein is called "the pearl of Wachau". It is one of Austria's most productive and scenic wine-growing areas.

Walking from the place where the boat docked to the center of town, we went past the Kuenringerburg Castle where Richard the Lionhearted was held captive during the Crusades of 1191.  We began to see some of the vineyards.




The locals recommended a stop at the cemetery.  It was very neatly kept, and we learned that in olden times, because burial sites were very expensive, when a new member of the family died, the remains of prior members were exhumed and thrown into a common tomb.




We walked along the streets of Durnstein. 




We stopped at a local coffee shop where we sampled Viennese coffee and local pastries, the most famous being a "Mozartorte".




Next stop was the Agustinian Convent founded in 1410 which is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. 



The monastic church, now the parish church, was built in 1721.  It is called the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Lady.  Painted mainly in blue with white on the outside, it is one of the finest Baroque towers in Austria.




After visiting the inside of the church, we started walking back to the boat along the streets by the Danube.




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