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September 30, 2008.  We docked in the town of Linz which is the largest Danube port in Austria.  The famous Linz Torte originated here.  Mozart composed the Linz symphony in this town.

We had only a couple of hours to explore Linz before we left on an excursion to Salzburg.  Left to right:  Bobbie, Pat, Paddy, Joanie on a Linz bridge.



Linz is a thriving cultural center as evidenced by these signs.



In the center of the main square stands the 20 meter high Baroque Holy Trinity column erected in 1723, in gratitude for Linz having been saved from war (1704), fire (1712) and the plague (1713) .



The Landhaus is one of the most important building complexes built in 1570.  It served as the city university in the 1600's.  It is here that John Kepler, astronomer and mathematician, developed and taught his theories of planetary motion.  Within its confines are the apartments used by Empress Elizabeth before her marriage to Franz Joseph in 1854.  Now it serves as headquarters of the Upper Austria Government.


The Carmelite Church, built around 1674 is a duplicate of St Joseph's Church in Prague.



We walked along the streets of Linz and saw some people playing chess on the street with giant chess pieces.  We also saw some of the typical transportation.




We took a bus trip to Salzburg. 




Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart.  He was born in a house and later he owned many other ones.  We went to see them all.  Theaters produce many of his works.




We visited the Salzburg Dom (Cathedral).



Inside the Dom there is a plaque commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul.  The interior of the Dom is a very good example of Baroque architecture. 





Another famous church is St Peters Abbey, founded by St Rupert in 696 AD.  He is the patron of Salzburg and his statue is on the last photo in this series.




In close proximity to the Dom is the Kollegienkirche (Collegiate Church) built as part of the local Benedictine University.  On the opposite side of the Danube there stands a Protestant church.



We had lunch at the Zum Mohren, which is a very popular restaurant.



We walked along the Getreide Gasse, which is a street lined by different shops using ornate signs to advertise their wares.




We strolled along the Main Platz of Salzburg.



The Opera House and some modern buildings in Salzburg.



Some vines and foliage in a Salzburg home.



Near the University of Salzburg and the church of St Rupert lies another square surrounded by buildings, hotels and parking areas. 




We saw an outdoor market and rode a fiaker (carriage).



We then proceeded to St Peter's Cemetery, where the "Sound of Music" was filmed.  The Von Trapp children hid among the tombs to escape the Nazis' search.




From there went to Mirabelle Platz to see the Castle and the gardens.





The fountains in Mirabelle Gardens were the setting of the "Do Re Mi" song which the Von Trapp children sang as they danced around the Pegasus fountain.



After touring Salzburg we took a bus back to Linz where our boat was docked.


The Alter Dom also known as Ignatiuskirche was built by the Jesuits in 1669 and dedicated to St Ignatius, the founder of the order.



Night views of Linz.




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