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September 29, 2008.  Arriving via the River Empress at the confluence of the rivers Ilz, Inn and Danube, is Passau, one of Bavaria's oldest cities.

Passau views as we arrived.



The River Empress docked in Passau.                 Other harbor views.



Our Passau tour guide took us through the narrow, cobblestone streets to see an Inn, a market and a mannequin in local attire.




The University of Passau is one of the youngest in Germany established in 1974.  We went to the library, accessed through a very ornate door.



St Stephan's Dom, or cathedral was dedicated to St Stephan in the 8th century.  It was rebuilt in the Baroque style in the 17th century.  It houses the largest church organ in the world: 17,000 pipes, 231 stops.   We listened to an awesome concert.





Map showing the confluence of the three rivers with Barb, Paddy, Pat and Joan.  The lookout is in the next photo to the right.



Veste Oberhouse is a fortress, built in 1219, located on a mountain crest.  Ober means "above" in German.  Below Overhouse is  Vested Neiderhaus, another building part of the fortress system, built around 1240.  These structures served as the stronghold of the Bishops of Passau.



Residenceplatz is the location of all the houses of the Prince Bishops.  In the middle of the plaza there stands Wittelsbacher Fountain.  Erected in 1903 to commemorate the annexation of Passau to Bavaria in 1803, the top has a figure of the Virgin Mary, Patroness of Bavaria, holding Baby Jesus.  The three angels at her feet represent Passau's three rivers.



Passau streets and buildings.




Wall markings show the level of different floods.  The photo at the right shows the ravages of the flood on the wall paint.



Orphanage plaza used to house the many orphans created by the Nazis.



St John Nepomuck (St John Nepomucene), national saint of Bohemia, remembered for keeping the secrecy of the confessional, was executed by drowning in the Vitava River.


Park in Passau,        medieval walls,      suspension bridge,      Town Hall tower.



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