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September 28, 2008.  After a plane ride from Newark and a bus ride from Munich, we arrived at the boat dock, where the River Empress would carry us down the Danube River.

The River Empress at the boat dock.



The River Empress reception area.



Our stateroom.




Computer station.        Gift area.                            Game area.



  Fitness area.              Laundry.               Boat's shop.         Bar and Lounge.



In the lounge: Pat, Joan and Barbara   and   Paddy, Joan and Barbara. 



Our lounge waiter.                           Lounge entertainment.



Dinning room.       Barbara and Pat at the buffet.       Our table in the dinning room.



The River Empress sundeck.



The wheel house.                                The radar tower.



Captain Doede Smit and his navigational consoles. 



      The depth finder.                       The intercom list.



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