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June 16, 2008.

Upon debarking the Regatta ship we hailed a cab and asked him to take us to the Rijksmuseum which houses an interesting collection of Dutch Painters.



Typical houses near the museum, with a bike parking area and a canal tour boat.



The famous Dutch windmills, a staple in the village of Vollendam, a typical Netherlands town.    







A small cheese factory and an Antiques souvenir shop. We wore giant wooden shoes which were an ad for a Dutch wooden shoes factory, where every shoe is made by hand





A windmill that is also a house.



Vollendam is a fishing village.  The villagers are very proud of their homes and they don't use curtains on the windows, so people can see inside.




There is a legend about a widow who is always waiting for her lost mariner husband.  The statues represent their plight.



Our guide, Rein, showed us some tourist spots, where I had my photo taken in costume and then he showed us how to eat herring.



The men in the village gather in this little hut to gossip and so on, and no women are allowed.



We visited the Hotel Spander where royalty and celebrities stayed since 1885.  We had Dutch Apple Pie.  The walls were covered with oil paintings.




Leaving Vollendam on the way to Amsterdam, we saw many cows.



Back in Amsterdam Rein took us to see the "red light" district.  It was the afternoon so we only saw a few women of the night.  We also saw the Hemp Museum. 




Streets in Amsterdam.



The Royal Palace in Amsterdam.



St Nicolaaskerk the oldest historic church which still functions.


Farewell views of Amsterdam.





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