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June 14, 2008. 

Airplane outside the Polytechnic Museum.


The famous Checkpoint Charlie, crossing point between East and West Berlin.




The "Kiss of Death".  Poster on the Berlin Wall, depicting Leonid Brezhnev premier of Russia and Eric Honecker Communist leader of East Germany.  The poster represents the takeover of East Berlin by the Russian Communists.


The Remains of the Berlin Wall.



The Holocaust Memorial.



TV tower with rotating restaurant.


Reichstag (Parliament) building, and memorial to politicians who opposed Hitler, one slab for each one, murdered or persecuted by Hitler.



The Brendenburg Gate, once part of the Berlin Wall, also the beginning of Unter der Linden, fashionable avenue of aristocratic Old Berlin.



Berlin church built in 1708, now used for Parliament exhibits.



Humboldt University for all Berlin, located in Unter den Linden.



German street signs.          A copy of the Russian Sputnik satellite on top of a cafe.



Restaurant where we had lunch, outside famous Ka De We Store, the largest store in Europe and views of the outside and inside of the store..



Ruins of Kaiser Wilhelm II Memorial church, one of Berlin's most famous landmarks.



Boat tour on the river Spree.



Sand sculptures along the river Spree.



Baroque Charlottenburg Palace, built more than 300 years ago.



The Dom Berliner, the Berlin cathedral.      The Berlin theater.



The Bode Museum.  It houses four separate collections 1.  European Sculptures and Carvings.  2.  Byzantine artworks,  3. Gemaeldegalerie collection of coins, 4. Muenzkabinett collection of medals.



Welcome home to the Regatta.



Evening photos taken from the boat.





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