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June 6, 2008.

A commuter ferry that connects Tallinn with Helsinki, several times a day.  The trip takes about 4 hours.


Tallinn is truly a Medieval town, built in two levels.  The streets have lots of steps and uneven cobblestones.





Because Tallinn was a Medieval fortress, it is surrounded by thick walls and towers.  The natives like to dress in Medieval costumes and re-enact scenes from the past.





Our guide took us to an amphitheater with a statue of Gustav Ernesaks, who was a musician and choral director.  Every four years or so, Estonians from all over the world convene here to sing their national songs.



A monument to weight lifters and the beach.



Peter I a Russian Czar built a palace for his wife Catherine.  It was called Kadriorg Palace.




Peter I liked to drink and help poor people but Catherine didn't , so Peter built a small summer cottage for his private use.



St Nicholas (Niguliste) church, built between 1478-81.



The name of the painting is the Dance Macabre, by Bernt Notke.  The painting was 30 meters long, but only the first part still exists.


Remains of a Catholic Monastery burnt by the Vikings.



Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, the oldest church in Tallinn, built in 1219 as a wooden structure, rebuilt in 1229 of stone by the Dominican monks.



St Alexander Nevsky cathedral, largest domed Orthodox cathedral in Tallinn, finished in 1900 when Estonia was part of Tsarist Russia.



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