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June 3-5, 2008.  Our first stop after leaving "Newark Airport" was Stockholm.  We stayed at the Clarion Hotel.



Interesting Swedish ship.


The streets of Gamla Stan "old Stockholm" is a Medieval town with narrow, winding steep streets.  Buildings are from the 17th and 18th centuries.




The Royal Palace in Gamla Stan.  Used only for entertaining foreign dignitaries and other ceremonies.




Views of Stockholm streets on the way to our ship, the "Regatta".




Visit to the Nordiska Museum and ferry to Tivoli Gardens.




Absolut Ice Bar.  Ice blocks make the walls, the stools, the bar, the glasses etc.  You are given capes with hoods and mittens.  Only 30 persons allowed at at time to prevent ice from melting.  




Vasa Museum houses the remains of a Viking War Ship, sunk on it's maiden voyage, because it had too many heavy guns too high up with not enough ballast below.  It remained under water for 300 years.




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